Sara Lilly

Sara Lilly rocks! She’s The Strawberry Girl

An uber cool Sixties and Seventies inspired Folk / Pop singer-songwriter who is making big new waves with her powerful, unique voice – a pitch perfect 4 octave fusion of Kate Bush meets Florence Welch.

She is a one girl guitar and voice powerhouse collaborating with other artists and her backing band.

Sara Lilly is the ‘Strawberry Girl’ A one girl guitar and voice and has been writing music since she was left for dead at 14.

Self released debut album “Butterfly” reached No.11 in Amazon Country chart for 2 wks – only unsigned artist in the chart.

Played over 100 gigs in 2011…including many charity performances for Children’s Charities, Anti Drugs & Alcohol Charities, Help The Heroes and Cancer Charities.

5 star rating on iTunes & Amazon alongside many hits on Spotify.

TV exposure in 2011 – SKY, OK, LGR, Hellenic, POK with live performances. Sang at the Miss Great Britain Finals her song Beautiful which is all about the most important beauty we have is who we are rather than what we look like.

Radio exposure 2011 – Live interviews and performances on LGR, Preston FM – A List play, Harrow Hospital Radio, NME Radio and regional radio airplay alongside some US radio stations.
Loyal fan base in the UK, Europe, US – LA, Miami,New York,Japan and a growing arabic fan base.
Won Oxjam’s 48 hour song writing competition in 2011 for London in writing and performing a song in a different genre in less than 48 hours.

2012 release of Hollywood movie soundtrack feature in 2013 (can’t mention name of movie, but has ‘A’ list actors – International release and distribution)

Collaborations in different genres – latest release with Ed Case (Falling – Dub Step version) – released July 2012 with major radio play scheduled.

Sara has done all this in 24 months, self financed, without any PR.

Second album written and recording nearly finished – so her new single is set to be released soon.

Falling Down is Sara Lilly's latest release

She’s cute, she’s loud and she’s proud. She’s a babe – with legs and eyelashes to die for – but she’s super smart, passionate and true to herself.

Sara has her own children’s fashion / lifestyle & multi media brand, “Strawberry Girl” The idea to inspire children to believe in themselves and have fun being creative. Strawberry Girl Fashion was featured for Fashion Week this year where Sara choreographed twelve children from the ages of 4 to 12 to raise money and awareness for the good works the A1 Charity does to help stop the hideous crime of Human Trafficking. Thousands of pounds were raised to help prevent Human Trafficking as a result. Sara also ended up on the catwalk with the children as they wanted her there with them.

Sara is also a patron of SHS charity which helps deprived children stay in school and be educated – she works alongside other musicians to inspire children to stay away from gangs and crime and takes great pleasure in being a positive role model to young people with her “can do” attitude and teaching children how to have fun expressing themselves. Having suffered from Anorexia Nervosa from 14 to 21, and nearly dying going down to 4 stones, Sara Lilly is an example that with the right attitude you can do anything you set your mind to. She is always true to herself, generous with her time  and encourages young people to believe in themselves and have confidence. Sara’s mantra is “The best way to predict your future is to create it. So go on, it’s never too late to discover the Strawberry Girl in you.”

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