BuryTheLadybird have been recognized for their catchy sleaze rock riffs with jazz and blues infused lyrics. Forming in 2009 as young friends and music lovers, they have proved that having a hard-working ethos has pushed this band to great things. The guys have made themselves an established well-known band across the midlands and also branching out to the rest of the UK.

The band members – Tiggy Dockerty(Vocals) , Matthew Gascoyne (Lead Guitar), Zach Shannon (Bass) and Seb Boyse (Drums) are all influenced by different genres and music eras. By pushing all their influences into one creates something unique yet commercial.Burytheladybirds influences are extremely diverse from Jazz and Soul loving Tiggy to guitar driven rock from the Foo Fighters who heavily influence our Guitarist Matt. Our bassist Zach is influenced by hardcore punk like rancid and Seb is influenced by The Wonder Years. Diverse isn’t it !Powerful vocals, full throttle rock, feisty guitar riffs, old school rock n roll; with lyrics you would expect to hear from artists Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and the Rat Pack right through to Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Beyonce and many other modern R & B artists.Burytheladybird pride themselves on their performances and make sure that they deliver a full stage show which excites all the audiences senses.


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