Remo Skilla

It all began back in ‘05, when London born MC Remo Skilla started his quest fot stardom, ‘I justs started mucking about making tracks with my boys, copying other people’s lyrics to start with as a hobby’. But that hobby soon began to become a serious passion and Remo’s skills behind a microphone developed quickly, ’I felt that I had to be serious about this, I wanted the same hype as other man‘s in the game like Kano, Crazy Titch and J2K’ Months went by and the passion grew ever-stronger, the next step came in East Anglia with D.O.T. (Doin‘ Our ‘Ting) a group comprising Remo, at the time up and coming Drum N’ Bass Mc Azza B (now part of London crew, Who‘z Nexxt?), and singer Jade ‘We were all at the same level and wanted the same things, so we got together, booked studio and made it happen’.The group recorded a 21 track mixtape which was distributed locally and made a name for them. After that, Remo was making regular appearances at local events such as Sub Bass Invaders, this is where he really developed his performance skills ‘Me and Azza used to get bare people tryna battle us, as much as they tried, they couldn’t beat us’. After a while, the 3 decided they all wanted to persue solo careers and began to branch out on their own seperate paths. This was a huge oppurtunity for Remo to develop even further and now his was recording his own solo tracks, booking his own studio sessions and starting to make connections in the industry. It wasn’t before Remo hooked up with producer XXL ‘Grayz introduced us and it went from there’ (DJ Grayz-Maxwell D Muskateers, Who‘z Nexxt). The first track they recorded was called ‘Sekkle Don’t Know’, which was aimed at a local rival crew ‘when i first heard one of his beats i was shocked becuase i haven’t heard anyone that good before and from then we jus jelled well together it was sparks from the start’. Remo’s career really began to pick up speed now after a while of working and developing as a fully-fledged artist with his new producer, he decided to sign him. Remo was now part of newly established label Take Offence Productions and recording began on his first solo album which is penned for release in 2009. The first tracks to be recorded for this project include ‘Aim High’ which is available now on digital release and ‘Know Ya Mark’ which features the vocal talent of Zarah and is going to be the first major release from the project. Remo will definitely be an artist to look out for towards the end of this year and into 2009 with the ‘Know Ya Mark’ video already shot and penned in for a Christmas launch and follow-up single ‘Cry’ due for release early next year.. ‘I’m looking to make big moves from here on and i wanna thank my management for pushing and driving me way beyond my limits into 2010’

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