the 4th suit

Punky, melody, attitude, a must see live band and 100% entertaining!!! ‘the 4th suit’ are a band not to be ignored, a statement that has probably been used before on some other lesser bands!!! The fact remains, ‘the 4th suit’ write and perform original songs that deal with angst,lust & anger, but not the bratty teenage kind, but the real thing,that infects us as we grow older! Matt, whether he chooses to pontificate over his past encounters or rant over misplaced loyalty, he does it from the heart… he means it, no point writing a lyric if you don’t feel it, check out ‘Sideshow’ (in fact do your self a favour check all the tracks out @, the emotional bile is real and delivered with passion! This doesn’t mean the songs lack melody, there are tunes to be had in these songs, hummable, shoutable and downright catchy without being twee!!!
Stuart and Den ensure the back beat is solid, paced, (intricate when needed) and above all, powerfully delivered, enough backbone to cope with Keith’s eclectic guitar work!
‘the 4th suit’ have played numerous gigs, from Bristol, Bath, London, St Albans and many others, they have featured regularly on the Top 40 and scored a number one position three times!!!! So don’t sit on fence get ‘the 4th suit’ now!!!

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  1. How weird, I actually saw this band last night in Weston Super Mare, what a small world!!!
    They were excellent, raw,moody and magnificent!!!

  2. Social Fit is a fantastic song!!!!

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