Drive Through Therapy

4 Piece Pop Rock band from Colchester. Loves Pigeons. Hi, we are Drive Through Therapy and we are 1 year old now. We understand you don’t want to waste your time reading loads of boring info about us and that pre chewed fast food is sounding like a good idea right now, so we have broken everything down into smaller chunks for your reading pleasure with bullet points and everything, controversial we know.

– We are a 4 piece band that play fun uplifting rock, pop, post punk ear Viagra. We have Jay on vocals and rhythm guitar, Charlie on lead, Adam on drums, and our very own saffron prince Antoss on Bass.

– Jay was formerly in Missed Fee that toured around the country a lot, Charlie was formerly of Karilla who got pretty big and this is Adam and Antoss first gigging band.

– We are signed to an indie label that are currently recording our new EP and when we are not there we are either writing or in Charlie’s pub. This was just another little extra reason why we wanted him to become our lead guitarist in the first place.

– We are currently gigging all across the UK and have some really good events coming up, including a couple of festivals this year, so keep in touch for all the gossip!

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