The Eagle Has Landed Buzz

Stiff Kittens Winners of Exposure! ‘Best Rock Song’ in 2008 AND 2009 and Contenders for The Mercury Music Prize 2009

Robert S McNamara (9th Jun 1916 to 6th Jul 2009) a proponent of The Vietnam War had once said: “How Much Evil Must We Do To Do Good?”

‘Sky Fall Down’ speaks of needless Devastation in “A Phone Call From Hell”, but also hope for a future where wasted chances can be put right!

After the lessons of that conflict 40 Years Ago the USA turned their attention to another target, the race to the moon, culminating back in 1969.>

On Wed 16th of July … Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins set off to fulfil one of man’s greatest dreams

On Sun 20th of July … Two of those all American heroes made that dream come true by setting foot on the moon…

On Thur 24th of July … We celebrated the safe return of all three astronauts and heralded the age of the non stick pan

Since that time we’ve pumped billions of tonnes of Carbon into the atmosphere and in so doing possibly Hastened Our Demise …

Now is the time to start using our incredible ingenuity for the benefit of all man kind and focus our undeniably amazing achievements to do good

Please click the links on the Selection of Environment Preserving & Life Affirming, worthy charity projects, some of whom we support through Exposure Music Awards!

Winston’s Wish
Friends of the Earth
National Star College Star Appeal
The Love Hope Strength Foundation

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