Final Call for Live Acts

Any Aspiring Artists who are looking to raise ‘Profile’ and potentially get Promo Assisted Distro & Some PR Advice*, the Best Live Deadline for Exposure Music Awards® is Thur 31st May;

Thur 31st May = Best Live Act entry Deadline
Sun 17th Jun = Best Live Audition in Cardiff
Sat 30th Jun = Best Live Act video Deadline
Sun 1st Jul = Best Live Audition in London
Mon 30th Jul = Best Recorded Music Categories Entry Deadline


If you have already entered the Awards, please make sure your artist Profile appears on the page ^above^

*Note: all of our Winners get considered for Promo Assisted Distro with Raven Black Music® and Best Live Winners get PR advice and also Touring/Festival opportunities when available

Working with acts who embrace the Process both Exposure Music Awards® and Raven Black Music® are committed to: “Discovering AND Developing Real Talent”

Not aiming to change their lives overnight but simply use Experience & Expertise +Contacts & Advice and be a Catalyst for their progress;

Opportunities& Projects…
Here’s the kind of Project we get involved with throughout the year…

Charity Project by Willie Nile called One Guitar:
Willie Nile & Bruce Springsteen Perform One Guitar Live

We Explain Exposure Music Awards!
Willie Nile Explains One Guitar

!The Big Idea
We shall imminently request both the Artists signed to our Record Label Raven Black Music® and Winners of Exposure Music Awards® to cover the Song ‘One Guitar’, the very best Recording– judged by us and our Music Producer Friends – will have an official video shot and Released.

We have already approached Owners & Managers of The Cotswold Airport about gaining access to film an iconic video on their airfield, to which they have agreed, subject to the right Finance AND Insurance in place first, naturally they want to make sure this epic reflects well on their business.

We also know some amazing guys based on the same Airfield who run a ‘British Touring Car’ and Le Mans racing team and who in their spare time sell Big & Beautiful Performance Cars.  They’d kindly allow us to use some of those fine thoroughbreds, in the same video the same day…

Exposure Music Awards® in 2011 was Sponsored by one of the world’s very best Entertainment Insurance Companies, and we have approached them to Insure this Project. Should they give the go ahead we can green light the mission at this scale, and make more of an impact.

Whatever scale we actually achieve, all of the recordings will be released via the One Guitar Project with Revenue & Royalties all going to Charities selected by the Artists / Label/ Sponsors, and it will also be great Publicity & Exposure for all the Artists& Organisations involved so everybody Wins!

We shall be encouraging our own Artists to designate the Love Hope Strength foundation whose own Very Big Ideas have taken them up the Empire State Building, via the stairs, Mount Everest BC1 via Kathmandu, Mount Fuji and Kilimanjaro, all in the Global ongoing fight against Cancer.

Love Hope & Strength One Guitar

Whatever happens we hope that anyone reading this will get behind One Guitar Charity and Spread the Word.

Dean G Hill MA MBM
And dedicated to seeing Real Talent Prosper!
@TourDatesCoUK / @eMusicAwards
Or Google “Dean G Hill”

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