Purgatory Shift

We are a 3 piece Progressive Hard Rock/Metal outfit from the heart of the Cotswolds. We are a three piece band from the heart of the Cotswolds consisting of Tom Ford, Pete Rycroft and Tom Keyte. We try to play original and inventive Progressive Hard Rock/Metal music with other genres added in.


  1. Blutackboy

    Nice to hear this again guys (July 2010) – good luck at Cargo – can’t wait to hear your new tracks.

  2. FUNNNKAY. You guys have some nice stuff together, good luck and all that.

  3. James Manning

    The videos of your performance in chipping norton do you better justice. All the best, you deserve to go far

  4. These guys are really the most musically talented and exciting combo around, they are mind blowing live!

  5. If you want to see more recent Purgatory Shift, go to their website and click on the Youtube link. You will see their Chipping Norton live gig stuff – originals and Paul Gilbert covers – absolutely brilliant. Good luck on Sunday.

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