Hellbound are a 4-Piece Heavy Rock/Metal Band from Gloucester, UK.
Beer Drinkin’ Music.
Formed in 2005 Hellbound are made up of four like-minded musicians and friends from Gloucester, UK. Getting fed of all the crappy bands around today, they took their alcohol fueled passion for metal, their unwillingness to tow the corporate line and bow down to commercial acceptance, their no frills attitude intertwined with heavy, aggressive riffs and drum beats and set about contributing to keeping metal alive. Hellbound have just finished recording their long awaited debut album “Din’t Hear No Bell” due for release on Copro Records/Casket Music in March 2011 which is already being well received and playing alongside many big names such as Motorhead, Saxon, UFO, The Wildhearts, Rattlesnake Remody and Orange Goblin to name but a few have become a well established band and continue to gain a larger fan base everyday.

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