Lonny Ray

Lonny Ray is a country music entertainer singer and songwriter from Detroit Michigan Born In the Northern Suburbs of Detroit Michigan, this future country music superstar has honed his songwriting craft into an art form. His songs will take you back to your childhood in Memory Of Years to the hard driving song of Go On.


  1. Jan Wendling

    Lonny is a sincere true singer. He loves to sing and write songs. And they all come straight from his heart. Lonny is very genuine and I love to hear him sing.

  2. -Lonny has always loved music and been envolved with it at a early age. He loves singing and writing music. He sings from the heart with all of his music. He’s very genuine and gets in deep with his music, that measures to a place that no one understands but the singer himself. I love to hear Lonny sing.

  3. This is a nice sound! lovely vocals and a great song. I will vote for him, straight form the heart. I think he should also register for wwww.makeastar.com there’s daily prices there and great opportunity to get discovered too.

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