Roscoe Levee

Rosco Levee is a singer / songwriter / guitarist with a bluesy country / rock ‘n’ roll kinda sound, from Kent, in the UK.

Having been convinced to go solo by his old friend and fellow artist Pete Molinari, Rosco took some time-out to write and play his new material around the UK.

After a while travelling the highways and railroads, and feeling the need to have a bigger sound and other musicans to bounce off again, Rosco put together a great band of known Kentish musicians.

Rosco Levee is joined by Lee Wilson – pianos and organ, Simon Gardiner – bass guitar & vox, Andy Hayes – rhythm guitar & mandolin, David Tettmar – drums, percussion & vox.

The band have just recorded their debu EP in Ranscomb Studios (Jim Riley’s Analogue Studio), and are now gearing up for the release on 12th August 2011.

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