Nina Baker

An eclectic mix of intelligent songwriting, underlying piano & haunting vocal “There has never been an artist quite like Nina Baker. She is an English rose & something very special” Sue Marchant, BBC Radio

Female. Pianist. Vocalist. Songwriter. Blues. R&B. Country. Pop. Swing. Alternative. Rock


  1. Ben Debuse, BBC Television

    Teaching, writing and performing music all come naturally to Nina. She will go far in her musical career, and we’ll all benefit for many years to come from her enduring talents.

  2. Mario Gomez

    Nina is an amazing musician. She has produced many lovely songs. Her inspirational voice and excellent piano skills I’m sure will indulge us even more in the future.

  3. Love Nina Baker !!! It is lovely to see a beautiful girl play the piano and sing like an angel. Her voice makes my skin tingle and her songs are so moving. She is a tremendous talent and we should all be proud that she’s ours !!

  4. Judith Flowerday

    Nina is a seriously gifted pianist. Then you hear her sing and wow, what a voice! Then you discover she writes songs too… Totally blown away by this lovely, talented lady.

  5. Keith Baker ,father

    I am so proud of my daughter. A truly stunning natural talent just waiting for the whole world to absorb.

  6. Nina is one sexy lady. Women want to be her, men want to be with her. I have seen her live and she blew me away.

  7. Recommended by a friend, I find her music compelling and her voice beautiful. I hope to hear lots and lots more please.

  8. I have had the absolute privilege to watch Nina perform many times in my venue. She has a unique way of capturing the audience and taking them with her on her musical journey. She plays with passion and emotion that can be so hard to embrace when you’re a pianist – Nima does it with grace and ease, you can’t help but fall in love with this girl’s talent. She deserves every success. Good luck Nina!

  9. Rebecca Wass

    Nina is a truely inspiring musician, not only does she have a perfect recording voice she brings to stage a warmth and rapport that eases the audience into her set. Single Bed is a catchy song that goes round and round in your head afterwards so you find yourself singing it long after a gig – a star in the making, and one that surpises at every gig.

  10. Rachel Langford - Journalist

    It is simply not possible to not love Nina. Her beautiful song writing, innovative arrangements and haunting melodies add theatre to her incredible voice. She has a humility that women can relate to, with her strong lyrics, underlying vulnerability and feminine allure. She is an artist you just have to listen to as she draws you in and takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, with a piano and a voice you will never forget. Sensational.

  11. Her voice is lovely to listen to – really relaxing, such a nice tone, add to that her piano playing and composition skills – very impressive! I am sure we’ll hear a lot more from her in the future.

  12. Megan WIlde

    Nina Baker is very inspiratioanal to me and I believe she is one of the best new artists around.

  13. Catherine Heywood

    Nina is an absolutely brilliant and inspiring musciian and song writer. Her voice and her playing are sensational – a truely talented musician who will go far!

  14. this is a girl who has come with her music writing skills and and instrument playing, all her songs are a pleasure to listen too, so will allways call an audience.
    keep up the great work

  15. debra payne

    Nina is a seriously gifted with her music, and song writing, she has progress every year with her skills.
    her music is a pleasure to listen too, no matter what mood your in.
    a star and inspiring musician

  16. Nina Baker is a world class artist. It is only a matter of time till this pretty girl from a sleepy corner of Norfolk is on everyone’s lips.

  17. The Kellbertons

    Nina is indeed a classic English Rose. She is both a talented pianist and an accomplished songwriter. We look forward to the new album and wish her every success for the future.

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