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I do all this ‘cos music spreads the love… And there’s nothing I like more than to spread my love! Hur hur hur! ;o) Seriously, though, my love of music is very broad & I think this is reflected in my own style, which is a mix of many different influences. I don’t neccessarily restrict myself to creating just one type of music: I hear musicality in everything & I embrace all of this – life is a wonderful mixture of experience, & I hope this view transfers to my music – let’s enjoy & experience all we can & not restrict ourselves into ‘boxes’!

I am currently a solo writer/producer/performer. I’ve got hundreds of pieces either finished or as works-in-progress & in varying styles (heavy rock to electronica to ethnic acoustic pieces to ambient atmospheric backdrops). I’ve worked on many projects over the years & have created music that’s been played all over the world, has been used in independent films & dvd releases, & has won many peer acolades. I want to expand my role in the music industry & I hope you’ll like what you hear. Please click the links below, & thank you very much for your time :o)

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