Dean Chohan Bio

DEAN CHOHAN started singing at ten years old and signed his first recording contract at the tender age of twelve as part of teen sensations T.C.O. (The Chosen Ones) to Virgin Records. He has featured in T.V. commercials for Coca-Cola and Sprite. His live performances have stretched far and wide from America to Africa to Europe. DEANs family are very proud of this talented Hackney born youngster, who is destined to become one of the very few Asian artists to breakthrough the mainstream pop arena. DEANs feet are firmly on the ground as he steps into his role as a positive ambassador and hope that others will follow in his footsteps.

DEANs eyes light up when he remembers the time he was invited as a VIP guest to a Michael Jackson concert and hopes to one day emulate the success of the exceptionally talented former member of the Jackson 5. During a recent live radio interview, DEAN gave advice to other hopefuls and said: Besides having talent you must be fully dedicated, work hard and try to improve all the time, Practice Makes Perfect he says. DEAN is relishing every minute of his current opportunities. He has performed live in Europe, USA and Africa and has just finished a UK tour opening for Ludacris and 112 and forthcoming tours include Alicia Keys and Black Eyed Peas.

Dean is wowing audiences with his personality driven live performances. DEANs prolific song writing has found itself on many other artists projects and DEANs recent collaborations with Prince (Black Eyed Peas), Kray Twinz, Wayne Lawes, Syklone/Full Crew and Sticky have produced some outstanding recordings. For DEAN CHOHAN its just a matter of time.

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