AphelionLive are Andrei (vocals, keyboards), Arthur (guitars) and Charles (bit like Bez but more of a gentleman). Musically very hard to pin down- they listen to a lot of classical music as well as dipping in and out of jazzfunk. They met at a karaoke bar in Romford where Andrei and Charles sang an electric version of Pink Floyd’s classic ‘the Great Gig in the Sky’ and were afterwards immediately approached by Arthur Best who told them of his disco vision. They met up the following Wednesday in a dank and musty basement in Leytonstone where they started playing together. Within a week, a full 2 hour set was written and gigs were booked. Since then Aphelionlive have been going from strength to strength and are currently working on their first studio album. Playing in the dukebox above is but a taste. Enjoy! Charlie Cazalet, London, October 2005 The time has come to cleanse your souls and get rid of your flesh. Embrace the future, believe! APHELIONLIVE: “Electro plated alternopop. Smidges of New Order , The Human League, etc but actually they sound like China Crisis! Right down to the whispery keening voice. 3 piece, keys, guitar, voice. Say they are influenced by Nathan Barley and I guess there is a big Shoreditch factor at play here, but it’s a far more sensitive and pleasant sound than all that thrusting electro rash stuff. Early Talk Talk could be a pointer. Pretty neat all round.” (the legendary) BugBear promotions. “Not just a band that plays music, AphelionLIVE is a way of seeing with your ears. Their performances are just as much about the smells as the shapes that they cut. Though AphelionLIVE are a sensation they are not even recognised within the canon of the avant-garde … A prolific set that made my ear drums giggle.” Charlie Cazalet, Timeout “I just couldn’t pass up on a rare opportunity to see Aphelionlive live, and seizing an aged tout on the pavement outside, I eagerly handed over £50 (indeed who would be blind enough not to recognise a bargain when paying 10 times the going rate?) to see a group so “prolific” in their talent, that they’re still “not even recognized within the canon of the avant-garde” (Charlie Cazalet, Timeout). The group was first drawn together by their mutual love of Mavis Beacon, and was first re-united in the garage of a Benedictine monk in Hull: it shows. From there, a quick stop in Marrakech saw them rise to become one of North Africa’s leading electro 3-pieces – something of a feat I think you’ll agree. In fact, they counted among their many fans, Moroccan Prime Minister, Abbas El Fassi. It’s little wonder then that this contagious techno triplet is now selling out such venues as The Loaded Dog (Leytonstone), and The Monto Water Rats (Kings Cross): all things considered, quite a feat in itself. I urge upon you to re-mortgage your properties and prostitute your children just so you can garner enough funds to invest in the bottomless pit (cultural dispatj), that is Aphelionlive. Enjoy the creative salad that is, Aphelionlive, believe. Believe.” Amai Reknaw (The Grocer, Issue 394)

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