Stuck in the Pie

Stuckinthepie have got their very own unique way and you never know what’s coming next, so try to keep up! Sprouting from the South-East, this mesmerizing duo will take you through the manic stompalong craziness of their flagship song, “Miss stuck in the pie” and out into the tentative bruised stadium of subtle power which is “The Rescue”. Two songs which open the floodgates to a rich boom of emotional waves, all ugly, beautiful, heartbreaking and alive. A wonderfully fresh sound which will have you yearning for the open road to the story of your unwritten lives… and get you scribbling like mad!
They have spent much time abroad with their guitars gigging and busking on the streets.. Particularly on Barcelona’s famous La Ramblas where they spent two solid weeks playing to the café’s and bars and gathering crowds directly behind them, to the amusement of the people in the café’s! Stuckinthepie seem to attract attention wherever they go.. And find themselves playing in the strangest places from hair salons to clothes shops and taxis! Writing prolifically, many songs are churned out and await their time.
Graham grew up in a house full of guitars, thanks to his Dad, a keen guitarist/singer & a huge music fan. The melodies of The Eagles, Bad Company, Pink Floyd and Cat Stevens were entrenched in Graham from the age of 5. (Proof is 5th Birthday party footage with Pink Floyd as the soundtrack as opposed to postman pat) Years later Graham was playing the music he loved with his Dad in pubs paying his dues. Forming a cross style between David Gilmore, Joe Walsh and Mark Knopfler.When Graham met Dino, he met his match. Graham had just left Art College & was keen to start a band. Dino had had the same plan, having been in local bands selling out the notorious Agincourt in Camberley. What Dino wanted though was a fresh sound, reminiscent of the happy Beach Boys and the dual ability of the Eagles to both touch emotions with a darker edge and just have fun.
Dino having been an army boy and having served in Iraq can straddle both of these emotions and Graham being a sensitive soul is what creates these deep but fun songs.They really are different to your average boys in a band for they actually don’t know they are cool. But they are, it’s almost ridiculous how many good tunes they have written and how laid back they both are. Not to say they are not devoted to their music but they certainly are both unassuming with the daftest sense of humor that comes across in their songs. Just watch their cheeky knowing smiles between them on a gig. Like a secret everyone wants to be let in on. The secrets are there in their songs if you listen.stuckinthepie – you stuck yet???

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