Rapunzel Map

Rapunzel M.A.P. can induce physical symptoms of shivers down spine and salt water in the eyes. Yet it’s been said that she doesn’t fall into the ‘dour‘category of many singer songwriters. Her acoustic music has been described as deep yet playful with a beautiful voice that is refreshing & pure.Performing with the simplicity of just her voice and her guitar she creates a haunting sound and her songs are both catchy and original. Her song writing is as stunning as her voice. Her lyrics convey emotions deep inside your heart that you’ve always wanted to say yourself, never falling into cliché. And when sometimes the lyrics are too close to home, she’ll start singing about female ETs, holograms, whatever else is on her mind. There are no boundaries as to what becomes a song. She is the ultimate free spirit, an experienced streetwise street performer; she’s committed moonlit busking sessions (‘street performing’ to Americans reading this) in busy city centres around the UK and Europe with her rechargeable amplifier. Like the pied piper, she has induced the cities party people into a hypnotic state which is phenomenal to watch! Enchanting nightclub goers as they spill out of the pubs and onto the street, some never reach the nightclub. Instead many prefer a cold bottom, while sat on the concrete, to witness a live performance by this unusually talented and resourceful lass. Most of them watch drop jawed to what they are hearing, she’s even been accused of miming on the street, such is the perfect sound she achieves.Her debut CD was live and acoustic, which she made from just her busking amp and a personal minidisk player! She surprised herself when strangers came back re-ordering more copies to spread the word and surprised them even more when she told them it wasn’t a ‘studio’ recording! In 2007 she reached the finals of the ‘PRS Unsigned Award in association with Clear Sound and Vision.’Rapunzel graduated from university with a Contemporary Art’s degree, her song ‘Hologram Girl’ giving many clues to the way she sees the world. An all rounder who feels the visuals are as important as the music, an obvious Pink Floyd fan, Rapunzel says “ Music does create worlds and I want to mix up the different disciplines eventually to create a whole sensory experience, whats the point of being a hologram girl if you don’t include everything!”Although she loves performing acoustically, sometimes when her guitar isn’t watching, she sneaks out to those clubs to become what some have called a ‘singing MC, adding melodies and vocals to DJ sets. Suddenly her lyrical rhythm changes and the sound has been drenched with chilled beats so she can wax about her experiences in a way that her guitar hasn’t allowed. Creating live original ‘mash-up’s (that’s two tunes mashed together to you and I) of her own songs with that of DJ D.C.I’s (The New Laidbackism) chill out collection of FC Kahuna and Cut la Roc instrumental records and her favourite more intense sounds of breakbeat and electronica. In the past Rapunzel was offered various deals (after jumping on a plane to France and doing her busking trick outside a music industry conference) but decided to patiently craft and graft and continue to build up her fan base until she found the right team. She decided to create a company called’ Liquid Dust’ and sold her album ‘Raw Live Real’ directly to live audiences and through word of mouth. Her website message boards became filled with hundreds of heartfelt testimonials from enthusiastic fans. She’s done as much as she can diy style, knowing that when the right team is formed, she’ll be able to complete her vision and take it all to the next level, building on that strong foundation.After rolling up to Glastonbury Festival with her amp in a wheelbarrow and attracting a huge crowd, festival goers sited her as their festival highlight on the Glasto message boards. No mean feat for an act that was never booked or on a stage!

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