Fen Tigers

Fen Tigers are a band who admittedly don’t really know what they are doing. Formed just over 2 years ago, through the love of underage drinking and Led Zeppelin they decided to meet in a room with instruments, albeit with no previous musical experience. Its been an odd little journey since then. Months were spent playing some shoddy music in shoddy venues, but they were starting to develop rather well. Filtered through a wide range of influences, from Bloc Party to The Fall, Fen Tigers play music that is quite difficult to pin a label on to; sometimes ‘dance punk’, sometimes ‘post rock’…but always frenetic and intense. The band was unfortunately put on the hold when university and travelling commitments arose, but they still tinkled along, writing music and playing gigs whenever possible, but it seemed like the dream was over and that the Tigers would soon go into hibernation…until the beginning of this year. The last few months have been the most exciting since the band was formed. They won a battle of the bands completion at Cheltenham University which gave them the opportunity of supporting Athlete and Scouting for Girls (who probably couldn’t be more opposite to the Fens!). A few weeks later they were given the chance to record a four track EP at Bryan Ferry’s private studio with a shit-hot engineer that will be out very soon… Another few weeks later and another great day for the band when they won ‘Best Alternative Act’ at the EXPOSURE MUSIC AWARDS! ( https://www.exposuremusicawards.org/ ) , which was totally unexpected. The band are now high in confidence and are in a focused, determined mood, after two years of nothing, they are suddenly getting somewhere, and want much much more. Fen Tigers are ready to break out and unleash their music all over the internet and airwaves….so watch out!

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